Windows 10 Fall Creators update might come with multi-step interactive notifications


Next major update for the Windows 10 will be the fall creators update. Microsoft has been testing so many insider builds for that update. Also, Microsoft announced that they will bring so many new features and major improvements in the Windows 10 fall Creators update. As part of that Microsoft released a new update this week which includes so many new features and a bunch of improvements.

The biggest major feature of this update is a newly designed interactive notification. It is not like the old interactive notification, it comes with multi-step interactive notification. It simply removes the need for opening an app to complete an interaction from a notification. That means you will be able to operate your apps directly from the notification itself.

These multi-step interactive notifications could be implemented in things like Cortana Reminders — for instance, Cortana could send a notification about a reminder that lets you snooze the reminder or edit the details. Here are some of the upcoming features:

  • High-quality implementation of this common interaction pattern (aka ‘Hamburger’).
  • Allow apps to check if they’re pinned to taskbar, and request to pin themselves to the taskbar.
  • High-quality implementation of ColorPicker Control.
  • High-quality implementation of Pull to Refresh Control.
  • High-quality implementation of Ratings Control
  • High-quality implementation of Swipe Control
  • High-quality implementation of Tree View Control 

Stay tuned with us for more updates about the same.