Microsoft may re-position Cortana along with new UI in Windows 10 desktop


Microsoft placed Cortana search bar next the start button to improve its discoverability, but it seems it’s not able to attract enough users to be a viable choice. Hence, Microsoft may be looking to move its position to a more suitable place, a report by Brad Sams at says.

According to Brad, Cortana actually has less active users contrary to what Microsoft claims to be. Microsoft takes into account both the users that use Cortana and those who accidentally open it sometimes. In fact, the majority of user are actually hiding Cortana from the taskbar.

To mitigate this issue, Microsoft has plans to move the Cortana to the System tray like the original concept which ensues with a redesigned UI. The new position for Cortana would be near Action center and Clock icon and would open from the right side of the screen. New Cortana would be more conversation-like and would have smart replies for the questions asked, says Brad Sams.

Cortana hasn’t been able to perform well on the desktop platform due to its limited functionality, which is really something Microsoft should be working on. Changing position alone doesn’t increase its usefulness, unless Mircosoft brings over additional capabilites to Cortana which other AI’s are well able to do.



Source Thurrott