Microsoft Fails to Reassure about Windows on ARM Initiative.


Microsoft’s wish to move their Windows installed base onto Qualcomm’s ARM- driven hardware relies on emulating Intel’s x86 processors. Intel seems to be very unhappy with this decision and in a statement, said that “x86 technology is both Proprietary and central to our business, and we’re concerned any time it appears that others may be copying it inappropriately.”

Seems like Microsoft tried replying to them after releasing a statement as follows:

“Customers have told us  they want Always connected PCs, which will deliver great productivity at a great price, and we are confident in our ability to bring these compelling devices to market working with a wide range of partners.”

After this statement, Micorosft seemed a bit confident apparently in bringing the technology to the market but fails to yo address the Intel issue of IP, hinting to an Unsolved issue. 

Everything so far states that Microsoft’s wish isn’t going to be fulfilled soon and the first ARM based PCs are no near only to be expected later for Holidays 2017.