New Windows 10 Builds 16215 for PC and 15222 for Mobile Announced for Insiders


Microsoft has finally rolled out the new Insider Preview builds for Mobile and PCs. The new update version is 16215 for PC and 15222 for mobile. Microsoft says that the new update brings out Windows Phone like keyboard experience to the PCs and other stylus improvements.

The update on phone brings overall improvement to the device, with WhatsApp and Fitbit bugs solved.

Here is the list of features provided by the update (via Windows Blog)

This build introduces new UI for Start and Action Center that includes elements of our new Fluent Design System which was announced at Build 2017.

Start improvements include:

• Acrylic: If you have transparency enabled for Start, you’ll notice it’s now been updated to use the new acrylic design.

• Vertical resize: No more glitches at the bottom of the frame.

• Horizontal resize: The frame now starts resizing horizontally immediately (like vertical resize), as opposed to only “snapping” to certain widths.
• Diagonal resize: The frame can be resized diagonally!

• Resize grips: It’s now easier to “grip” the edge of the frame to start resizing.
Tablet mode transition: Smoother transition into tablet mode.

A new look for the Action Centre : Action Centre has been redesigned based on users’ feedback which includes the elements for I’m Fluent Design

Microsoft Edge Improvements :

Pinned sites are back. Now you can pin different websites on the task bar. Using site’s icon, You can get the idea, which site you have pinned.

Full screen mode In Microsoft Edge :

You can now experience a full screen mode on Microsoft edge by simply pressing F11 or by choosing the full screen option from the menu.

Annotate Books in Microsoft Edge:

We’ve added the ability to annotate EPUB Books by highlighting in four colors, underlining, and adding comments. To get started, select some text, and choose an option from the menu.

Microsoft Edge PDF improvements: 

We’ve added more highlight colors and the option to Ask Cortana in PDFs in Microsoft Edge.

Using your feedback to evolve the handwriting experience:

We’ve been hard at work incorporating your feedback, and with today’s build we’re introducing a new XAML-based handwriting panel – with more gestures, easier editing, emoji, and more!

Entering emoji on your hardware keyboard just got easier: We’ve heard your feedback, and today we’re happy to announce the new Emoji Panel! Press Win + period (.) or Win + semicolon (;) while focus is in a text box and the Emoji Panel will pop up for you to quickly scroll through and pick the emoji you want.

Shape writing with the one-handed touch keyboard:

One of the most powerful phone keyboard features for fast and easy text input involves swiping over the keys without releasing your finger on the screen. We call it shape writing. Today we proudly announce the first shape writing keyboard on PC! Because it’s works just like your familiar phone-style one-handed keyboard, you don’t need to do anything to learn it again. Just use it as you would use your phone’s touch keyboard. Bonus: it also works with pen! Shape writing is currently only supported for the English US keyboard, however we’re working on enabling more languages.

Dictation on the Desktop:

Our keen-eyed Insiders may have noticed a microphone button in the touch keyboard pictures above – that’s because you can now use dictation to input English or Chinese text on desktop! Simply tap the microphone button in the top left corner of the touch keyboard or handwriting panel, or press the new dictation hotkey Win + H to start dictating. Currently only available for English (United States) and Chinese (Simplified) input methods.

New Video Playback Settings:

Head to Settings > Personalization > Video Playback and you’ll now find some additional controls for media enthusiasts. If you have an HDR monitor, we’d love to hear your feedback on how video streaming feels when these new options are enabled. We’ve also added some battery settings for you to decide whether you’d prefer to optimize video streaming for battery usage or video quality.

These were some of the major improvements regarding the update. You can view all the details here.