Microsoft Shuts, Migrates Users to Office 365


Microsoft had introduced back in 2015 as a way to share Apps across various social media platforms. Today, the company announced that it’s retiring Microsoft explained in an official announcement that LinkedIn’s SlideShare and OneDrive already offers features that are provided by, so Redmond is streamlining its services by killing to offer a “more cohesive” experience.

Microsoft is not accepting new registrations now and the site will retire completely from August 1. For existing users, Microsoft has planned to migrate their data to OneDrive for Office 365 on June 19. And on December 15, Microsoft will pull the plug, making and the content hosted on the service completely inaccessible.

Existing users can already choose to have their content backed up to OneDrive. Once you backup your content to OneDrive, your shared links will automatically link to the new location on OneDrive — however, starting May 15, 2018, all links to any will stop working — including the links that were redirected. never worked and it makes sense why Microsoft collapsed it.