Video: CShell UI demonstrated on Windows Mobile and Continuum


Not long back we reported about the CShell keyboard components that were found in Windows 10 16212 Desktop build which was accidentally released to the insiders. Along the same line, now we have a demonstration video from WindowsCentral showing us the early version of CShell UI running on Windows Mobile.

For the readers who don’t know, CShell or Composable Shell is a Windows Shell that Microsoft has been working on for quite a while. The CShell handles Windows UI and the objects associated with it and provides and adaptable UI for the Windows.

As seen in the video, CShell brings in a lot of changes to Windows 10 Mobile UI when compared the current UI. Most of the features are directly copied from their Desktop counterparts, such as live icon properties and the action center. The new Action Center has notifications on the top and quick actions at the bottom. The notifications are interactive and display same controls just like Desktop. On the Start Screen, the live tiles use a pop-up menu instead of button-based actions like Desktop Start menu and the added “Large” live tile size option.

CShell also affects the Continuum experience, as now it allows you to almost fully replicate a PC, with the ability to run multiple apps at the same time that too in windowed mode. You can also use Task View and Snap Assist on the external screen. However, CShell does not support Silverlight app, so right now it’s only able to run UWP apps, but it may change in coming future.

CShell is Microsoft’s next big step towards a Universal platform, trying to unify Desktop and Mobile is terms of the UI. Since this will only run successfully on high-end devices, we might expect some low-end devices such as Lumia 500 and 650 to be left out. But in the end, with Microsoft moving towards the Surface brand of phones this strategy could ultimately prove beneficial for Windows as a whole.

Source WindowsCentral