OneNote for Windows 10 rolling out an update for Insider, new UI and features included


Microsoft is rolling out a major update for OneNote for Windows 10 app ( not to be confused with OneNote 2016 desktop app ) for the fast ring Insiders. The update brings in version 17.8269.5756 of the app with the following features included:

  • OneNote reimagined: The layout of the app has been redesigned with notebooks, sections, and pages moved to columns on the side of the app.
  • Resolve page conflicts: In shared notebooks when multiple users edit the same page, inconsistencies are bound to occur. Now user can choose what version of the file to keep ( based on last edit time and author ) or even copy and paste data from older page to newer page.
  • Your pages, your way: User can now set whether to preview page content or not by checking Show Page Previews in the View > Navigation Panes drop-down menu. When turned on pages will have first few text displayed below the title.
  • Hide subpages: Now pages can be set as Subpages, that would appear under other pages, much like a 2-level hierarchy. Right click and set “Make subpage” to indent the page, Ctrl+Shift+* to expand or collapse the tabs of a page group. 
  • Find text on a page: With inbuilt OCR, now you can search for text in images and handwritten notes. The scope of search can be limited to current page, current section, current notebook or all notebooks.
  • You’re the expert with Tell Me: Tell me is now the new intelligent help option in OneNote. Use Alt+Q or look for light bulb in upper right corner of the app window and type in the task you need help with. It will suggest you relevant options and Help or Smart Lookup for it. 
  • See what’s changed: Sections edited by other users in shared notebooks will appear in bold letters.
  • Nickname your notebook: Users can now add nicknames, much like tags to notebooks to make searching them later easy.
  • Change the notebook color: Users who prefer color coding thier stuff, can now add color to their Notebook’s icon.
  • Multitasking made easy: Multiple instances of OneNote can run at the same time, making it easier to multitask sync between notes. Goto View tab, choose New Window, or use Ctrl+M to open another OneNote Window.

If you are fast ring Insider and want to give it a try, get it from the Store link below:

Developer: ‪Microsoft Corporation‬
Price: Kostenlos
Source Microsoft Office