Telegram Messenger Preview updated with calling feature for Windows Phone


Not long ago the public release of Telegram messenger app received a huge update that brought lots of new addition to the app such as Bot payment feature, new camera and much more. Now they’ve pushed another update but to the beta version of the app, Telegram Messenger Preview, with added new calling feature.

Even though Telegram is late to release this feature when compared to similar IM apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, the security that comes with it totally justifies the delay. Telegram is known for protecting its user’s privacy with end-to-end encryption, so even the calls get their own pairing codes to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

This feature was released for the PC version of the app a fortnight ago, and now it has arrived in the mobile domain. With Preview version of the app getting this feature it’s not long before it will be out for the stable app too.

You can grab the app for Windows 10 Mobile and Phone from below:

Telegram Messenger Preview
Telegram Messenger Preview
Developer: Telegram Messenger LLP
Price: unknown