Samsung’s Bixby to be Fully Launched this Summer

Misses its own Spring Deadline.


The voice feature for Bixby, Samsung’s own AI is probably weeks away from its US launch. The Wall Street Journal¬†reported that the new AI is “struggling” to understand your language and won’t be ready until at least late June. That means you can gain full access to Bixby only after the earliest summer.

Bixby Shows a Bunch of Cards as its voice feature isn’t yet Activated


Samsung boasts Bixby to be one of the flagship features of the Galaxy S8, launched just a month ago in the US. Samsung has even given an exclusive button to launch Bixby, which does nothing now, other than giving you quick updates in the form of ‘cards’ which we have seen Google Now do before.

We were never satisfied with the odd position Samsung gave to the Bixby button, and also the fact that it cannot be customised, but let’s see what happens when Samsung releases the full version of Bixby.

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