Microsoft Redesigns Skype, Gives it Snapchat like features


Microsoft has released a new version of Skype which is now available for Android devices. The new Skype has improved UI, features “Highlights” which lets users snap pics and videos temporarily available to their connections.

This is the first time Microsoft has released a major update to Skype, since it acquired Skype back in 2011. Skype has been in a crisis since then. Microsoft Skype now joins the group of messaging and social services which are copying features straight from Snapchat.

The all new Skype features “Capture” and “Highlights” both being similar to Snapchat. Capture lets you snap photos and videos in app. After clicking on it, the camera pops up and you can also choose set of emojis and stickers and hold to record videos.

An improvised UI, some cool features and other stuff is what Skype got in this major update. The new Skype is currently available for Android, but will soon be available for iOS as well.