Microsoft brings Project Neon support to more apps; now available for Calculator too


Recently, Microsoft updated some of their system apps such as Groove Music, Microsoft Photos etc. The new updates of these apps bring new big changes to the apps. Most importantly, these updates are bringing the Project Neon interface to the apps. Microsoft Photos app and Groove Music app were running with Neon UI. But now, Microsoft is releasing the update for more apps.

Microsoft Calculator app has just received a new update which brings the new Neon UI to the app. The update completely redesigns the app interface with the semi-transparent Neon UI. Not only in the Calculator, the update is now available for more apps including Camera, Voice recorder etc. So, Microsoft is very busy to provide Neon to all of their apps. Check out the screenshots below:

Source: MSPU 

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  • How are the neon settings enabled once you have the necessary Windows build?

    • Hey Randall, you can go into settings then personalization and turn them on and off. Transparency effects

      • Thanks. That was already on; what I was looking for, it turns out, was the default app mode under Colors