Rumor: Microsoft to reboot its mobile business with a new device


Without a doubt, Microsoft has now ditched the mobile platform which becomes even more evident with the news of Microsoft ending development of Windows 10 RS3 with the Feature 2 branch for Windows mobile devices. The mobile platform has been a failure according to reports.

Surprisingly, according to Brad Sams at, Microsoft may be looking to get back into mobile business once again, but this time with a completely new device. The weakest platform among all UWP might be mobile, but this can change soon. Microsoft is planning to reboot its mobile, stalling the development of current devices and working on something new with a fresh and new experience. Report at reads:

Two independent sources inside of Microsoft have told me that there is a new hardware device being tested internally and that there is also a separate branch of Windows Mobile for this device.

The device will feature new hardware and a completely refreshed UI, unlike the one we see on Windows Mobile now. The report also claims that the device will run on a new software, which might result in loss of Silverlight application support.

As always, there may be variations in the final device as they continue to be tested and developed, and no feature can be pinpointed right now. The device is its early stage of development, yet its release can be expected in a year or so.

Indeed, it’s a pleasant news for the diehard Windows Mobile fans. Seeing Microsoft making a second attempt to get back into the mobile sector, we expect them to learn from their mistakes with the mobile division in the past and to come up with a better device this time.

Source Thurrott