Microsoft reveals new option to sync files between your Android phone and computer


Microsoft aims to bring some really great features in the next major update of Windows 10. It includes the Timeline features and ‘pick up where you left off’ and more. To implement this features, Microsoft adds a completely synced experience for the users. Your work will be resumable and same on all connected devices. It will be synced with your device.

As part of that, Microsoft recently started testing a new version of their popular Android app: Arrow launcher. It is still in the pipeline and will be available for public soon. Currently, there is a widget in the Arrow launcher named as Arrow Hub. It let you see your latest files, images, etc. on your home screen right from the widget. You can also upload things right from the widget. It syncs your files with your connected devices by using OneDrive. But it is not possible to make such an app for the Windows mobile devices. So they decided to make a web app which helps you sync your files.

You can access it here: Arrow Hub