Retro Speaker Made from Recycled Records Set to Hit the Shelves



An innovative project from a Philadelphia based company will create a unique blend of old and new. The Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker uses recycled vinyl records in combination with the latest Bluetooth technology to allow you to stream music from your phone. There is no shortage of Bluetooth speakers on the market, with a range of prices from less than $50 to more than $500. Usually, these aim for a modern, sleek design and maximum portability. While the Vinylux product is not the only retro design available, it is certainly the only one to be quite so tangibly connected to the past through the use of its manufacturing materials.

A new variation on a theme

Vinylux was set up in 2002 by inventor and entrepreneur Jeff Davis, who had been inspired by a grad school project in which he moulded vinyl records. Since then, the company has recycled more than a million old records whose playing days were over.

They use them to create a variety of products, including clocks, bowls and bookends that have designs that pay tribute to the records from which they are made. One of the unique features of their product offerings is that they can be made from the record of the buyer’s choice, making them a popular gift for music lovers.

Bluetooth speaker

The latest project brings an extra layer of complexity to the plates, bowls and ornaments that Vinylux has created up till now, but there can be no denying that the notion of using a recycled record as a medium for streaming music is a very satisfying one. Vinylux is working in partnership with retailer and distributor Uncommon Goods, with whom it has worked on a number of past projects.

The technology might be cutting edge, using a top of the range coaxial speaker, but the design definitely pays tribute to the golden days of vinyl. The record is moulded into a traditional “gramophone” speaker shape and mounted onto a simple wooden base.


The project is already close to reaching its crowdfunding target, and the company is stockpiling orders for dispatch in September. With the possibility to choose the genre, labelling and, for a premium, even the actual record from which the speaker is created, there is certainly the possibility of it hitting many people’s wish lists this Christmas.