myTube updated to 3.0, brings Xbox support and many other features


Over 14 months of development and lots of hard work and myTube 3.0 if finally here. Rebuilt from scratch, the app has been a given a complete makeover.

myTube is been one of the few 3rd party Youtube apps that still under continuous development. The app, developed by Ryken Studio, has been on Windows store since Windows Phone 8, and now it’s available for Windows 10 PC and mobiles. Its next big leap to join Xbox One store which it has accomplished with myTube 3.0. Here’s what Developer Chris from Ryken Studios had to say in a notification sent to all myTube users:

The update includes a brand new UI, new playback interface, youtube watch history syncing, smoother switching between background audio and video, myTube to myTube casting, ability to choose the language in captions, and much more. The update is out for Windows 10 PC as well as mobile, and the update can be grabbed from the Windows store right now. For Xbox One, tailor made gamepad navigation controls have been added for the comfort of users. Since this is an initial release for Xbox One, it might take few hours before myTube listing shows Xbox support on the store


myTube has been a reliable, updated, ad-free and hassle-free way to watch Youtube videos on Windows for long. The developer, Chris does a great job keeping the app updated with new features as they come. With myTube 3.0, we wish to see more of it!

Get the app from below:

Developer: Ryken Studio
Price: 0,99 €+