Microsoft announces the most versatile laptop: Surface Pro


Finally, Microsoft unveiled the covers of the new Surface Product at the Shanghai event. Microsoft announced the launch of the new Surface Pro device at the event in China. According to the company, the new Surface Pro is the most versatile laptop out there.  It combines the features, design, and capabilities of the Surface Studio, Surface Laptop, and the Surface Book.

The new Surface Pro is completely compatible with the old accessories of the Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4. So the body and the hinges are almost similar to the previous Surface devices. So the cases and keyboards would fit perfectly on the new Surface Pro. It comes with the most advanced Intel i7 7th gen processors on board. Another wow factor in the device is that it comes with fanless processors. So that you will get an improved battery life and efficiency.

Microsoft is selling the device from $799 for the m3/4GB/128GB base variant and it will be available for delivery at homes later this June.  You can now pre-order the device from this link.