Google Android Instant apps are now available for developers to create


A year back, in Google I/O, they announced a new type of app, Android Instants Apps . The aim is to allow developers a way to make lightweight version of their app which can users use like websites. It should save phone storage and resources. For example, you are in a parking lot where you need to use their app to enter but you are running low in storage so you click on a link and suddenly an app like experience comes to you with almost all the power of android. While few instant apps were made available back in January by some of google’s partners but now its open to all developers.

To make an app instant, developers have to keep it modular and compatible with deep links for it to function./ It also need to be under a certain size to be allowed. Users can also download the complete app if they want just from there. While it currently supports Android 6.) or newer but support for Android 5 is coming soon.