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Windows 10 Fluent Design (Project NEON) is now Official.

Microsoft announced that it will be releasing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and with that will come the Fluent Design System formerly known as Project NEON.

Today at Build 2017, Microsoft showed off some key parts of the Microsoft Fluent Design System. And as Microsoft claims,


Joe Befliore appeared at the stage showing off what the Fluent Design System would work on. It will focus on five main factors :

  1. Light
  2. Depth
  3. Motion
  4. Material
  5. Scale
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This new design language makes us believe that Windows 10 will be productive as well as beautiful in the future with the upcoming updates to design.

Check out this video to have a closer look at the new design language,

Microsoft now has the hard job of implementing the most of this design to all its first party apps which further would attract the developers to add in their own apps.

Personally, i like the new translucent overhaul of Windows 10 as it makes the UI more cleaner and eye-catching. We can already see the changes in some apps like Groove Music and Calculator app, but i hope to see it increase soon.

Source : MSPU