Microsoft is bringing back OneDrive placeholders as per popular demand


One of the popular feature that arrived with Windows 8.1 back in 2013 was One drive integration to the OS. But with Windows 10, Microsoft removed one of the key feature of that integration.  It was called Placeholders and it showed a user’s entire cloud storage without actually storing any file. On user request, it would sync the file and make it available.


Image Courtesy – Microsoft

However Microsoft promised that placeholder will come by the end of 2015 which never happen as there were no sign of placeholder in Creators Update. But today in the Build 2017, Joe Belfiore demoed the placeholder which is now known as Files On-Demand and will arrive with the Fall Creators Update, the next major Windows 10 Update.

While Microsoft has said the feature is already available for Andorid and will come to iOS in few months, there were nothing said about the UWP OneDrive app which is the only source of onedrive app in Windows 10 S.