Windows 10 has 300 Million active users every single day


Microsoft Windows is considerably the largest and widely used Operating System across the planet. According to a recent revelation by the Microsoft, the latest OS version Windows 10 was seem to have powering over 400 million computers and devices globally. Well, not every computer in the Earth are not active and you might be thinking that all those 400 Million computers are not completely in usage, and you’re so right.

According to Microsoft Devices and Services corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi, among the 400 million Windows 10 powered computers, almost 300 Million computers are active for at least 3.5 hours every single day. Mehdi had claimed the statement about Windows 10 global usage status in an interview talk about Windows 10 progress.

In an interview with Bloomberg Tech, Mehdi stated: “Windows 10 has been doing great. It’s been many months sine we reported we had 400 million monthly active users, but 300 million+ use it every day for 3 and a half hours. It’s the fastest adoption in a corporation we’ve ever seen, and we’re seeing great deployment on that. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress on Windows.” says Mehdi. Yusuf Mehdi also says about the Microsoft’s new rivalry OS for Chromebook OS, the Windows 10 S, saying Windows 10 S has two benefits over Chromebook. First, one can be used in offline including Office, VR, inking, etc. completely. The second one is that you can get every app from the store that is made available for Windows 10, so you won’t get fooled by any malware on your notebook next time.