ARM powered Windows 10 PCs coming soon : Qualcomm


There have been reports about Microsoft and Qualcomm working together to bring Windows 10 to ARM processors. Qualcomm’s ARM-based processor Snapdragon series will be first ever mobile processor to run Windows 10 PC version.

This means they will be able to run win32 apps, which were till now limited to desktops. This will be done through x86 based emulation int the device.

Steve Mollenkopf, CEO Qualcomm confirmed the release of ARM-based Windows 10 devices at the earnings call for Qualcomm’s Q2 2017 earnings today.

“We have an opportunity to disrupt the existing suppliers of the PC and the datacenter. Our Snapdragon 835 is expanding into Mobile PC designs running Windows 10, which are scheduled to launch in the fourth calendar quarter this year. In the data center, we announced the collaboration with Microsoft and demonstrated Windows Server Running on our 10 nanometer Qualcomm Centriq processors, the first 10 nanometer server processors in the industry.” : Steve Mollenkopf, CEO Qualcomm

We might expect them to launch this in October-December based on Q4 launch period announced by Qualcomm. We will keep you posted on further developments.