NuoDB Changes the Game in the Cloud




Urgent suggestions by disaster recovery analysts to store valuable documents at a remote location where they are safe from the perils of fire, flood and theft are common. Businesses listen but usually do not heed the warnings to protect records, and the reasons are quite simple. The expense and the amount of arduous work make taking the precautions too hard, and almost everyone prefers to take their chances instead. Cloud computing changes all of that.

Understanding the Cloud

The internet allows computer users to access the cloud that is, in reality, a remote server/computer. It can save and back up digital data while allowing users to any location to share it. Most users know how to access and save documents, email, music, videos and photos on personal devices almost without thinking about it. The cloud does the same thing but does it better.

Cloud computing allows access from any device with an internet connection, preventing the need to fill limited space on a personal device. Access to video clips, documents, music and graphic images is immediate over the internet. Users can download up-to-date files from the cloud to laptops, tablets, phones or any device that has an internet connection.

Realizing that the Cloud is Everywhere

Most people use the cloud every day without realizing it. Some activities that provide entertainment rely on the cloud to deliver them.

  • Gamers can use the cloud to play online without a software disc.
  • Finding a location is easy with online directions on Google’s mapping software that has a base in the cloud.
  • The cloud provides a home base for Facebook, probably everyone’s favorite social network.
  • Netflix uses the cloud to stream the films and TV programs that provide diversion at the end of a day.

Users can obtain exceptional support for work and business activities with the access to Microsoft Office’s web-based applications for Word and Excel.

Benefiting from Advantages of Cloud Computing

Customers of cloud storage services can obtain varying amounts of space. The ability to back up all kinds of files effortlessly and conveniently is probably one of the most practical benefits of using the cloud. Accessibility and flexibility enhance the appeal of placing data in a shared space. Someone can change a document that resides in a cloud-storage service and know that it takes effect across all devices. The convenience of maintaining currency across all documentation can save businesses time and money while ensuring consistency and accuracy.

The main difference between regular and cloud computing is that storage occurs on a remote server/computer instead of on a computer’s hard drive. The cloud stores all of the data and functionality that once occupied hard drive space, and it is as easy to access with a compatible device that can connect to the internet.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

Every business needs a database to navigate the cloud, but not all databases can perform to expectations. NuoDB uses game-changing cloud database technology to work across all platforms without the need to couple an application to data on a disk drive. NuoDB’s versatile software can run on Windows and Mac, Linux or Solaris, and its layered approach avoids problems that affect some cloud applications.

Traditionally, database management systems relied on using expensive hardware that was problematical to administer and unable to scale without great effort. NuoDB can efficiently scale a database across servers whether they exist in the cloud, a data center or in-house. It can distribute a database across remote locations while establishing a familiar environment that features high performance and minimum expense.