Skype UWP app is available for the Xbox One users


We have a universal Skype app for PC, Phone, Hololens for some time now. And people have been asking for a xbox version since the day one. Now Microsoft has made the update officially available to xbox one users. It comes optimized for big screen and also has Cortana integrated for the purposes of transcription.

An all-new Skype is now available on Xbox One

Last year, we released a Universal Windows Platform version of the Skype app to PC and mobile with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Today, we’re excited to bring this version of Skype to Xbox One with the Xbox One Creators Update. We have been working hard to create a TV experience that delivers the best Skype communications experience on Xbox One straight to your home.

The Skype app has been redesigned to put gamers first. The UI has been updated with a new look and feel, making it simpler to use, and letting you easily jump in and out of a call. It also has a new dark look that is easier on the eyes and is in line with the look and feel of other Xbox apps from Microsoft. We’ve added controller shortcuts, giving you quick access to Skype commands with the tap of a button so you can quickly jump from a video call to a background call and vice versa. Finally, we’ve added a manual zoom option that gives you control over the Kinect camera during a call, a feature you have been asking for.

Whether you’re chatting while playing games, checking in with friends, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or holidays, we’re making it even easier and more natural for you to experience the moments that matter to you—how and when you want, together, through your TV at home.


Read more at Microsoft’s blog.