Wileyfox is getting ready to launch a new Windows Phone


Wileyfox is a British phone maker, focused in making android smartphone targeting the B2B market. Most of their smartphone were powered by Cyanogen and catered to those companies which were looking for cheap phones giving good service. Wileyfox VP of sales Andy Lee said:

“Increasingly people are screaming for costs to come down and want a good affordable device. If businesses are going to buy thousands of devices to kit out their work force, they need a good price point. That’s where we’re going to hit it out.

Most firms can’t afford to spend £500 per device. But with us they can be assured quality and the right features.

For example, courier companies can use it to scan products and save money which is of course what they want. That is the benefit of Windows and how it’s adaptable for B2B.”

They also said that they are planning to bring the phone to UK by august. Later they plan to bring it to other European countries. There will be a wide range of accessories to just like the HP  Elite X3.