Invoke, new Microsoft powered smart speaker from Harman/Kardon


Coming up next from Microsoft is the new Cortana-powered smart home speaker that’s set to rival Amazon Echo and Google Home. Late last year, Harman Kardon announced this new speaker “Invoke” and let out a teaser for the same. For quite some time, Mircosoft and Harman Kardon have been working together to develop this personal assistant based speakers, which is set to release soon this year.

According to the source MSPU, which they believe to be new news, Invoke is going to feature Skype integration in the speakers. The speakers will most probably have an inbuilt mic for voice recognition, which will double up as calling mic. The speech recognition will work same as in Mobile and PC, letting you dial to your Skype contact just by saying “Hey Cortana, call Andrew on Skype”.

Invoke will have most of the abilities of Cortana, such as playing Music third party software.  iHeartRadio, TuneIn, or Microsoft Groove, any services can be used giving by respective command  Cortana in Invoke.

Invoke will feature a glowing ring-in-the-middle design, much like Cortana in mobile and PC. Preview of the Invoke can by seen in the teaser video:

The speakers are most likely be powered by Cortana Devices SDK. So having a PC is not required to use the speakers. Invoke can be controlled by your Windows mobile or even Windows Phones.

Harman/Kardon is known for its premium products, and no less is expected from Invoke. With Microsoft’s tech, it can prove to be better than existing smart speaker solutions.

Source: MSPU