Microsoft releases Minecraft 1.1 as ‘The discovery update’


Back in December, 2016 Microsoft released the major update version 1.0 for the pocket edition and Windows 10 editon of the Minecraft.

Now again, they have released another major update for Minecraft which brings the version number to 1.1. The new update brings more new contents and enchantments to Minecraft. The new update is named as The discovery update and you can get it now.

The update contains¬†tameable llamas that can carry chests, the cartographer villager who trades treasure maps for emeralds, as well as giant woodland mansions defended by Illagers (evil villagers), housing the “Totem of Undying”, that can save a player from certain death. It includes some more new things such as repairing weapons, walking on water etc. Get it now.

Via: MineCraft