Video showing Windows Mixed Reality Hands On

Windows Mixed Reality or previously known as Windows Holographic is a shell from Microsoft to use Windows 10 in VR, AR, MR mode. Microsoft had partnered up with OEM like Acer, Asus, Lenovo etc to create VR/MR headset to take advantage of the new shell.

Sean Ong is a youtuber whose videos are mostly focused on Microsoft products such as Surface, Hololens etc. Recently he posted a video doing Hands on of the up coming Windows Mixed Reality emulation mode on his PC . The video shows that Microsoft has opened up a new platform for developers to work on. The shell is going to have lots of customization and features like tracking surroundings. Most interestingly. almost all UWP works in this mode which is good as you can you use your favorite windows 10 apps on your VR/MR/AR device.