Slack for Windows 10 is updated with memory management fixes and more


Recently Slack brought their Desktop Client to Windows Store via Project Centennial. Unlike some other major companies, Slack did full justice to their Windows Store version. With new features and lots of fixes, they have updated the app to v2.5.1.0 in Windows Store.


  • The way we load teams you don’t view often has been changed to reduce the app’s carbon* footprint. (*memory. When we say carbon, we mean memory. Let’s pretend it’s a comment on climate change things, shall we?)
  • Folks consistently unable to load the app will now be greeted by a troubleshooting page that offers suggestions on making their situation better. (Spoiler: it’s usually to do with over-zealous antivirus software). – Those pasting text with style into a Post then finding their text to have “no style” can now Paste & Match Style under the Edit menu.
  • You can see our Help Center documentation in – of all places – the Help menu. The almost over-intuitively named Open Help Center item will be your friend.
  • Spellcheck support for three (?!) additional languages; writers of Korean, Portugese (Brazilian), and Albanian type a little easier.



  • Waking Slack after hibernation or a system crash occasionally found all your teams missing. Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience; it no longer should.
  • A rare bug where team icons shuffled out of formation in the sidebar. They’re more stoic and sticky and as a bonus, rearranging them is smoother.
  • On Windows, a handful of zoom-based glitches: borders inappropriately sized, taskbars jumping around. All of that? Smoothed.
  • Customers typing in languages that use IME composition (Korean, for example) will find that the message input is 82% stickier.


Developer: Slack Technologies Inc.
Price: Free