OneNote app gets updated with new features


Microsoft has released a new update for the OneNote app for the Windows 10 mobile and Windows 10 PC devices. The new version of the OneNote is now available at universal Microsoft store and you can download it right now. The new update is a major one and it brings many new things and adds some improvements. The new version is 17.7924.10002.0.


New for Mobile:

+📱 New UI for Mobile:
– Main Navigation Page has a new list style with Note Colours (First seen on PC a while ago, has finally made it to Mobile);
-📱 Main Page Navigation has changed with “New Page” on the bottom; and “Search” and Share” Buttons moved to the Top Header (similar to iOS and Android versions);
-📱 Redesigned Hamburger Menu is now Fullscreen; “Account”, “Settings” and “Search” Buttons moved to Top Header (Note: New Settings Cog Button doesn’t seem to work but old buttons still present);
-📱 New Animations loading notes on start;
+📱 ‘Tap & Hold’ (Right-Click) Menu on mobile has been made significantly smaller;

New for PC & Mobile:

+📱💻 New Search Layout for both Mobile and PC, works real time now and is much faster;
+📱💻 Emoticons in individual Note Headings are now the Full Colour Emoji’s instead of being all black;
+📱💻 Notes seem to sync much faster;

New for PC:

+ 💻 New View Buttons for PC:
-💻 New “Navigation Options” Button adds ability to show or hide navigation panels;
-💻 New “Hide Authors Button;
-💻 New “Deleted Notes” Button;

What’s Broken:

  • On Mobile 📱 Password Protected notes are not able to be opened. No prompt is presented to enter a password when selected.
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free