Major key points from Nokia’s Live Event in MWC17


Just few hour back Nokia went live in MWC 2017 in Barcelona. They announced lots of new stuffs and new phones with return of an iconic device. Here we jot down some of the key points of the live stream.

  1. Nokia is serious about letting other brands use their brand name since the name means a lot for many people. Thus they exclusively let HMD Global use the Nokia trademark. 
  2. Foxconn will be the exclusive partner in making all of their new phones.
  3. HMD Global is 3 month old now.
  4. Nokia will be using Android as the primary OS from now on. 
  5. They are focusing on camera in their new devices.
  6. They will make sure that the build quality is premium and excellent like before. 
  7.  Nokia will be using stock android like Moto in the global editions of their new phones, thus providing clean and simple UI which is fluent.
  8. They will focus on releasing updates for the phones regularly, especially the security patches. 
  9. It will come with Google Assistant.
  10. They have seen more than 1 million registration in China for Nokia 6, and sold out in only 23 seconds.
  11. 97% user satisfaction in case of Nokia 6.
  12. Nokia 6 is going release globally.
  13.  Nokia 6 will have an exclusive variant named Nokia 6 Art Black.
  14. Nokia 6 will cost € 229/INR 16500/ $ 240.
  15. Nokia 6 Art black will cost € 299/INR 21000/ $ 315.
  16. Nokia 5 is for those who wants a compact nokia.
  17. Nokia 5 will cost € 189/INR 13500/ $ 200.
  18. Nokia 3 is for those who wants an affordable nokia phone.
  19. Nokia 3 will cost € 139/INR 10000/ $ 145.
  20. Classic Nokia Snake game will be available in Facebook Messenger.
  22. New Nokia 3310 will cost only $52/ INR 3500/€ 49.
  23. It will have the iconic snake game and choice of four colors including the original navy blue
  24. It has 22 hour talktime and 1 month standby time. 
  25.  All the phones will be available in more than 120 region by the Q2 2017.