Cortana for Android updated with new features and a redesigned interface


Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Siri and Google Now.  It was only available for Windows devices for some years. But in October 2016, they released the preview version for Android platform as well. After that, the awesome developer team updated the app with new features and improvements.

Now again, they have rolled out a big update for the Cortana for Android. The new update is now available for CoA Preview (Cortana for Android beta) app, and you can download it now from the Google Play. The new update brings many new features and changes. As you can see, the new update completely changes the user interface of the app. They added some new options and more accurate algorithm changes as well. Check out the new design of the Cortana for Android:

Download the updated version now.

Cortana for Android
Cortana for Android
Price: To be announced