New features are now available for Garmin Connect Mobile app for Windows 10


Garmin is one of the popular fitness tracker and smartwatch making company. They have a wonderful universal app for Windows 10 and mobile unlike some other major brands. Yesterday they updated their app to v3.15  which brings lots of features like full notification support, music control, new ways to see your data etc. After this update the app gives a good fight to Fitbit app which also have a beautiful universal app.

Version number:
Every Garmin update includes various bug fixes, performance and pairing improvements.

How did this app jump to version 3.15? Garmin Connect Mobile is standardizing our release versions across all our mobile platforms. Your friends on iOS and Android will be so happy!

Insights Demographics:
-Compare your stats with other Garmin users
-Use histograms to see your performance percentile

Stop taking wristys! Use our picture share feature and show us where you Garmin. Select an activity, tap Share and choose Share Photo with Stats to upload to Facebook or Twitter.


Garmin Connect Mobile
Garmin Connect Mobile
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