Only 0.3% of new smartphones are Windows Phone


With demise of Lumia Series and lack of new Windows Phones or Windows 10 mobile, the share has dropped to the lowest, according to Gartner. From 1.1% to 0.3%, we are seeing a huge drop in selling of Windows 10 mobile. Well it should not be surprising considering how Microsoft carried out Windows 10 MObile developments. In case you wonder, Android has 81.7%, up from 80.7% and iOS has seen a slight growth to 17.9% from 17.7%. Now its not that hard to say if W10M has a future. But with Microsoft bringing full Windows 10 on ARM , things are going to change. However no one can say how its going to change. Do you think Microsoft will be able to make a comeback with Surface Phone? Let us know below in the comments.