GOQii launches it new band with Heart Rate Monitor


GOQii announced its new version of the band with a heart rate monitor, about time now, but as it goes, the GOQii way, they have introduced a heart specialist along with the band.

The band now tracks data and activity of the wearers heart along with its basic steps and distance, while it lets you to rep up some karma that can be donated to various non-profits.

They have also partnered with Max Hospital which specialized in heart care that will help users to speak to heart specialist to decode the data that you will collect over time which will be uploaded to GOQii’s database using the tracked data.

This is a major release by GOQii since 2016 when they launched the Second Generation of their smart band which pushed they to the top spot according to IDC Report.

This new Band V2 will be available on Amazon starting today, 14th February 2017, users will also be able to upgrade their old bands to the new ones .

“Today, too many devices are generating lots of data which is essentially junk if not analysed and acted upon. The GOQii Heart Care is an one stop solution that tracks and analyses data generated by the trackers and can connect the GOQii user to doctor who can help make sense of the datao can help make sense of the data.”

– Vishal Gondal, CEO and Founder of GOQii.