NuAns to release a new phone later this month


Japanese phone maker NuAns is set to launch its new device, whose details is yet to be known. They have called in for the press release of the device at Shibuya-ku on 20th February.

The details of the new have been a very closely guard secret, for we know nothing about the phone as of yet. All that is known is that device has been reinvented from the scratch.

The banner on the front page of their website translates to “Everything is new. Everything is in this one.”.

Since NuAns has been involved in the development of Windows mobile devices in past, we can expect this one to run on the same OS as well. This might prove to be the successor to their current Windows mobile Neo, or could prove to be entirely different. All to be known on 20th Feb, the launch date. Till then stay tuned for fresh developments.

Via: MSPU.

Official Website: NuAns.