Night Light feature and Continuum improvements coming to Windows 10 Mobile soon


When Microsoft added Night light feature to PC but did not add it to mobile then there were some speculation. People thought either Microsoft is giving cold shoulder to Windows 10 Mobile or the feature will appear late. Folks over Neowin had an interview with the Windows Insider program’s chief, Dona Sarkar. According to Dona, the feature will arrive on ‘right time’ alongside improvements to Continuum. They do not want to push unfinished product to insiders.

We do know that these features are very important, so we want to unveil them at the right time for the audience… For us, it’s all about the quality. We don’t want to add features when we don’t love the quality of the build yet, so we’d rather focus on building up quality than figuring out when to roll features.

The Night Light feature actually reduces the amount of blue light produced by the display which helps one sleep better. If you are a Windows 10 Mobile user then you have to wait a bit longer for these new features.