Microsoft got a new Global Senior VP; Dr.Wang Yongdong


Another big announcement from tech giants, Microsoft. They have appointed Dr.Wang Yongdong as their new global senior Vice President. He was working as the head of Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering and now got a promotion as the new global vice president.  He is mainly focused on Bing, online advertising, voice etc.

For your reference, he was working for Yahoo and left that job to join Microsoft on 2009. He was working with Microsoft’s Bing team and slowly emerged inside the corporation. He has already handled so many projects and positions of Microsoft and now he is the Global senior VP of Microsoft. Yongdong Wang was the Managing Director of Applications & Services Group East Asia (ASG EA) which was rapidly growing into a major development hub for Microsoft Applications and Services Group.

Yongdong joined Microsoft in June 2009 and moved to Beijing in August of the same year as General Manager of STC Asia. In 2011, STC Asia expanded to include the advertising platform, MSN platform, and speech technology, and Yongdong became the first General Manager of the expanded STC Asia. Before Microsoft, Yongdong was the Vice President of International Search Engineering at Yahoo!, responsible for the development of search products for Yahoo!’s international markets. He joined search engine pioneer Inktomi in 1996 and began working at Yahoo! when Inktomi was acquired by Yahoo! in 2003. Before joining Inktomi, he was a software engineer and later an engineering manager at Sybase from 1991 to 1996, participating in the development of the Sybase Replication Server, a distributed database product.