Windows 10 Cloud ISO ( build 15025 ) and screenshots leaked on Twitter


From the depths of Twitter, this time it’s Windows 10 Cloud that’s surfaced. Windows 10 Cloud, which has already been in talks lately, is supposedly going to be the new lite Windows version aimed at ARM devices. An ISO of early build has been posted on twitter of the same.

The ISO was posted in a tweet by a Russian insider on twitter. User @Rgadguard posted

Which roughly translates to:

The test build of Windows 10 build 15025 (Cloud assembled in this build, not as Cloud in general, and looks like Pro)”

The tweet offers the link to the leaked ISO, however, users have reported the link being broken. It is not recommended installing the Cloud version on your PC directly, rather it is advised to go with the virtual machine. The version is in its early stages, and bugs are expected.

The current build allows installation of only Windows Store app and pops error when you try to install win32 apps (non-store). However, this is not sure whether this restriction will be present in the final version of Cloud SKU. Since Project Centennial allows you to publish win32 apps on Store, it is unsure if those ported apps will be able to run on this OS.

Windows 10 Cloud is going to compete in the market dominated by ChromeOS running on Chromebooks. Given its capability to run on ARM devices, this may lead to a new range of budget smartphone-laptop hybrids running on Windows 10 Cloud. Microsoft tried such strategy by developing Windows RT back in 2012 which failed terribly, but things have changed since then. Windows Cloud could prove to be the worthy successor to RT.

What do you think future holds for Windows 10 Cloud? Success or failure? Predict in the comments.

Source: MSPU | WindowsBlogItalia