Minecraft Villains Skin Pack Now Available for Xbox One


Are you a Minecraft addict? Here is a new reason to love Minecraft. Mojang has announced some new skin packs for the Minecraft. Most importantly it includes the new Villains pack. The Villains pack is now available for the console editions of Minecraft. The same skin pack is already available for Pocket edition users. You can now enjoy it on Xbox One devices too.

Grab it and join forces with Minecraft’s most dastardly denizens: slink from the shadows as the sinister Stronghold Seer, unleash the fury as the ferocious Lava Fiend, or, er, sell silverfish as the monstrous Silverfish Monger. The evilest of all mongers!

Then there’s the grotesque Patchkin, the enigmatic Endergaunt, the chilling Eyece, the Terror Spawner, Dungeon Spectre, Slymime and Cake Maniac. There’s evil of every flavour: 17 skins in total – the evilest of all numbers!

The new skin pack comes with a lot of new skins such as Stronghold Seer, Lava Fiend, Silverfish Monger, Patchkin, Endergaunt,  Eyece, Terror Spawner, Dungeon Spectre, Slymime, Cake Maniac etc.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Minecraft: Xbox One Edition
Developer: Mojang/Microsoft Studios
Price: unknown