Microsoft announces Windows Store promotions API


Microsoft has announced Windows Store Promotions API. It basically helps a dev or an organization to manage all of promotional ad campaigns for apps under their banner. Alongside big companies, small teams of devs and single dev can also use this facility.

Use the Windows Store promotions API to programmatically manage promotional ad campaigns for apps that are registered to your or your organization’s Windows Dev Center account. This API enables you to create, update and monitor your campaigns and other related assets such as targeting and creatives. This API is especially useful for developers who create large volumes of campaigns, and who want to do so without using the Windows Dev Center dashboard. This API uses Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to authenticate the calls from your app or service.

The following steps describe the end-to-end process:

  1. Make sure that you have completed all the prerequisites.
  2. Before you call a method in the Windows Store promotions API, obtain an Azure AD access token. After you obtain a token, you have 60 minutes to use this token in calls to the Windows Store promotions API before the token expires. After the token expires, you can generate a new token.
  3. Call the Windows Store promotions API.

You can also create and manage ad campaigns using the Windows Dev Center dashboard. Ad campaigns that you create programmatically via the Windows Store promotions API can also be accessed in the dashboard. For more information about managing ad campaigns in the dashboard, see Create an ad campaign for your app……..


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