Norwegian Councils decided to switch to Android due to absence of low-cost Windows phone


When Microsoft stopped being another windows phone OEM then they thought 3rd party OEM would be keeping the platform floating at least in enterprise segment. But that did not went well. Even though HP released HP Elite X3, one of the best windows phone ever created. But most of the company chose Windows Phone due to their high quality on low cost devices. reports that more than 100 Norwegian municipalities are switching to android due to lack of low end Windows Phone. They used Windows based smartphones in health and care services` Snorre Johansen who is a sales manager in Tieto, a company which provides electronic medical records stated,

“Now it starts to get hard to get hold of Windows Phones. Microsoft has sold their mobile division, and there is little availability of handsets in the market. 

We have an ongoing dialogue with Microsoft. They are trying to reassure the market that 3-4 producers have plans to create Windows-based smartphones.

Our customers use the phone as a tool in home care. It is then in your pocket with everything they need equipment for wound care and so on. It provides, among other wear and devices do not last as long. Our customers usually buys Windows Phones to around 1,500 to 2,000 kroner.”

With companies looking into android for alternative, Microsoft once again finds itself at a corner as 3rd party OEM are unable to attract enterprise users. Do you think Microsoft should start making cheap windows phones again/ Let us know.

Via – MSPU

Source – DIGI.NO