You will be able to free up space on your PC automatically with Creator’s Update


Clearing up your Storage is now more easy.

Recently Microsoft released Windows 10 build 15014. It contained lots of new features like new ebook store, custom ascent colors etc. One of the new features is ” Storage Sense “. If you are a Windows Phone user or was then you already know about it. In Windows Phone, it provides detailed information about your storage. But in Windows 10, it will remove temporary files which are not being used by any of your app or program. It also cleans Recycle Bin automatically at an interval of 30 days. There is also an option to clear manually. Its disabled by default as some users might find it unnecessary. Currently, the feature is available to insiders using Windows 10 Build 15014 . The feature will come to normal users with Creators Update in April.


Picture Courtesy – MSPU