Disqus Beta for Windows 10 gets new features D


Disqus app’s beta version is receiving a new update for Windows 10 devices. As you know, Windows and iOS have a dedicated Disqus app while Android doesn’t have one. The new update for the Disqus beta app brings many new features for Windows 10 devices. It mainly includes the support for Facebook login and Twitter login. Now you can login to Disqus app with your favorite social media account.

Here is the change log:

  • You may now log in with Facebook or Twitter accounts
  •  You will now see AdDuplex app promotion ads in feeds
  •  Fixed some issues where mentions were inserting in the wrong place
  •  Fixed a crash that occurred sometimes in a discussion
  • Fixed an error that occurred when an unregistered user replied to your comment
  • Other small, likely unnoticeable, bug fixes

Download the app now.

Disqus Beta
Disqus Beta
Developer: Disqus
Price: unknown