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For our Indian readers, and those who’ve visited India, I’m sure you must’ve traveled by means of a train at least once in your lifetime. We all know how much of a pain it is to book tickets, check their status, memorize train details, the timings, the route and other details. It gets even worse if you have no internet connection available and no other means of inquiry is possible. Well in that case just this app might be able to help you.

IndianRail Offline is a Windows app that packs complete solution to your train travel problems that too offline. It has all India railway map with all the routes and stations labeled. You also get seat map, in case you want to figure out which berth you are going to be seated on in advance.

You can check the route of any train, check train between two stations, check trains that are going to pass from that station and search for trains by their name or number.

The app description reads

Complete Indian Railway Trains timetable, Railway Map etc use without Internet

First of its kind in Windows Store

Best and only Offline Indian Railway App

Indian Railways Trains, Rail, Running Status, Map, Arrival Departure, Route, Fare Check, Connecting Trains

offline Railway is one of its kind of app having Indian railway timetable, railway map,seat map, passing trains and much more information completely offline

Got slow or no Internet. No Problem Offline Railway info can work Offline

# No Internet Required.

Indian railway time table is best railway app for windows

1. Check trains between stations.

2. Check passing by trains

3. Check train route given train number

4. Search for trains by name.

5. Railway Map

6. Seat map

7.Many More coming soon

Feedback and suggestions are most welcome

Disclaimer: This app in not affiliated to Indian Railway or irctc in any manner and the information provided here may be used at your own risk. This is only a tool to access publicly available information.

The app uses flashy color scheme, with solid rectangle box type buttons. The UI is pretty much basic with a straight forward menu. Useful for elderly who don’t like fancy menus. In the page with the list of trains result of a search operation, the details of trains are managed well, taking space as little as possible along with visual clues for the day/s the train runs. As for the data, it is pretty much accurate, as far as I have tested. All the data is fetched from, which can be trusted with the data to a large extent. The app uses ads to earn revenue, but it’s good that ads only pop up occasionally.

However, since this app works offline, you can’t expect it to be up-to-date all the time. Minor differences may exist between app and actual data, but that’s highly unlikely. Also, this app lacks ticket booking, for which you may have to use the official website or official app.

Get the app here

IndianRail Offline
IndianRail Offline
Developer: IM7
Price: Free