Windows 10 Insider Build Preview 15007 now available on the Fast Ring.


Microsoft today released a new Insider Build 15007 to both PCs and Win10 mobile devices on the Fast Ring.

It was only earlier this week that Microsoft released Build 15002 to the Fast Ring Preview members on PCs.

This latest Build comes with a long list of new features and improvements.

We will start with all the improvements and new features added to the Edge browser

  • You can now easily share a set of tabs.
  • You can now easily import your data from another browser with the new “import from another browser” button.
  • You can now choose to run a download link without having to save it first.
  • Improvements to web notes, bringing the rich UI experience of Windows Ink
  • On Windows 10 Mobile, text scaling and zooming have been greatly improved and is now on par with other mobile browsers.
  • And my personal favourite, clicking on links that support web-to-app linking, will now open in the respective app. This means that if you click on a youtube link, it opens up in the YouTube app (as long as it supports it) instead of in the browser.

Other improvements are:

  • Cortana can help you pick up from where you left off when you switch between windows 10 devices, for instance, you’re browsing recipes in Microsoft Edge on your PC downstairs, and grab your laptop to go bake up a storm in the kitchen—Cortana will be there for you and have a link to that recipe ready to go.
  • Inline progress bar for notifications (for PCs) has been added, this gives devs a way to show progress in real time to users, for example, you can see progress bar of an app downloading from the store in the toast notifications.
  • Scrollbar improvements have also been made on both PCs and Mobile.
  • Improvements to Windows Hello enrollment.
  • Build 15007 also introduces the new Bluetooth APIs that enable GATT server, if you recall the absence of this API is the sole reason FitBit wearables do not support text messages and other features on Windows 10 Mobile. It is available now so we should see an update to FitBit app on Windows10 taking full advantage of it.
  • You can now use just the keyboard to navigate the snipping tool, a combination of Alt+N, the arrow keys and Win+Shift+S.

A few improvements to Windows 10 Mobile were introduced in this Build 15007;

  • You can now perform an App reset. just navigate to Settings>System>Storage and select the app and choose the reset option.
  • You can now use Cortana to control your music playback. For instance, while playing music from iHeartRadio or any music app, you can say “Hey Cortana, what’s playing?” or “Skip” or “Volume down/up” and Cortana will perform these functions.
  • Also added more recurrence options for Cortana reminders
  • Device settings page has been updated too, it now combines both Bluetooth and connected devices into one page.
  • There is a new option now to pause updates.

For a full detailed list of all the latest improvements and added features, check them out via Microsoft Blog