Lock your device when you are no longer present using new Dynamic Lock.


Security is getting better day by day.

Yesterday, Microsoft released their first insider build of this year. One of the many new features available in that build is Dynamic Lock. It’s job is to lock your device when you are not in front of it for some time. According to Windows Central, they were told that internally it was referred to as Windows Goodbye. It’s highly benefiting to enterprise as a machine containing sensitive information can lock itself  when the user is not in front of the device.

However, it is not clear how the feature works. It might be a rebranded version of “after 15 minutes of inactivity, lock my device”, or maybe it’s using Windows Hello Camera to scan for the user in a period time. But it’s sure an interesting feature which will appeal to many Windows 10 users and fans.

Windows Hello is an important part of Windows 10 which got positive feedbacks from everyone. Microsoft is constantly adding more features to it with every major update. Do you use Windows Hello. What feature do you want to see next. Let us know below in the comments.