Cortana can schedule meetings for you with the preview


Artificial Intelligence will probably be the next big thing apart from virtual reality. All three major smartphone operating system have such a kind of AI build in already, however, there is a lot more to come. Microsoft was experimenting with Tay on Twitter, an artificial intelligence which learns from humans and interacts like a real human. After the company had aborted this project, the company is now working on bringing such AI back with Zo.

Zo on its own is pretty cool, it is basically an AI which you can naturally talk with, ask her questions, send her pictures music, what you want and you will always get an answer what you’d actually expect from a friend of you. This is pretty cool, however, it will not make your day more efficient, it’s just for entertainment, and yet it is an important development for other assistants, and that’s where Cortana comes in.

All the research which has been made for Tay and Zo will find its way into Cortana someday. is a first step which makes Cortana more intelligent, more natural and more human like then she ever was. It allows you to schedule a meeting with someone without needing you to take care for time and place.

This service is currently in preview, however, everyone who wants to can sign up for this at the website.

How does it work?

The best thing about this? It is very easy to use because you can use your normal language without the need to use specific phrases or something. If you want to schedule a meeting you will have to put Cortana in CC of your mail you are going to send. Furthermore you will have to include length, timing and location in the first email. Cortana will then have a look at your calendar and see at what time you are free.

Cortana will then communicate with the persona you want to have a meeting with until there is a time were both of you are free. With Skype as a location it might not be that hard for Cortana to set a meeting, however if there are different places it might not be that easy. Therefor it is possible to specify locations and other parameter for Cortana so that she can be a 100% what you mean.

Once it is clear which place, time and length it should be and everyone is fine with it, Cortana will send out an email invitation to every participant which will then be added to your calendar once you have accepted the invitation.

There are of course a lot of people who are too busy to set their own meetings, however for consumers this might not exactly be what the were hoping for. However, you have to think of what this makes possible. You can have a human conversation with your PC, talk to him without using specific phrases or anything. Once Cortana will be that mature it will make a lot more sense to have a personal assistant on a phone, PC and Tablet.

This is going to be a big thing. What do our readers think on this story, feel free to drop us a comment below with your thoughts on this and don’t forget to sign up for the preview at the website if you got interested in this.