You remember Tay, Zo will be Microsoft’s next try in AI Chatbots


Can you remember the, well I’ll call it, ‘famous’ Twitter AI Tay which has been developed by Microsoft a while ago. This was Microsoft’s first try of an Artificial Intelligence accessible by users. Tay allowed Twitter users to talk with her, ask here about something, teaching her new things, and so on. Microsoft aborted this project shortly after its release since the AI became a racist and ignorant AI.

This doesn’t mean that Microsoft’s try to bring a fully independent AI failed. It just means that Microsoft has to re-think what they want an AI to be like. Tay believed everything you told her, it was kind of robotic which became more and more intelligent the more people talked to her. Unfortunately humanity isn’t good at all and therefore the artificial intelligence became a very strange personality.

Zo is another try by Microsoft to bring a new AI with kind of its own conscience. This will allow the artificial intelligence to tell people what she thinks is wrong and what she will not implement in her own way of thinking about things.

However, it’s not Microsoft first try after Tay, their are two other artificial intelligences which are not that well known. At least in Europe and the United States, their names are Rinna, in Japan, and Xiaoice in China. Both are doing pretty much the same like Tay did. Zo will be the restart for Users in the United States and of course also in Europe.

Currently it is only possible to chat with Zo on Kik Messenger. One reason for that might be that Microsoft has a chance to analyze chats which have been held with their AI in order to prevent public escalation with there AI once it is available on social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc. There is an Zo Twitter profile as well, however currently Tweets are not published there but you can request to follow her.

At the Zo.AI website you can request to be one of the first to be able to communicate with Zo, as well as start chatting with her on Kik.

I am really looking forward to the public release of Zo, and hopefully it will work out way this than the Tay did. We will keep you updated on this topic and for now you can drop us a comment below with your thoughts on what you think of Zo and you can of course send a request in order to be able to chat with Zo very soon.