A Day In a Life of a Salesperson : HP’s new Promotional video for Elite X3


HP Business’s Official Channel has uploaded a promotional video for HP Elite X3, subtitled “Day in a life of a Salesperson”. The video showcases the Elite X3’s potential for business persons in terms of design, functionality and OS features.

The video is sequel to two older videos of same kind , “Day in a life of ITDM” and “Day in a life of Mobile Professional”. All the videos explore different aspect of the same phone, and how useful it can be for professionals.

The video is a rather short one, only 90 seconds long. This time, its a saleswoman who uses the mobile device to connect to the client using apps such as Salesforce, HP Workspace, Skype and Office apps. The mobile acts as a complete replacement to traditional notebooks with Continuum.

Overall, its a high end device to suit all your needs, especially if you are a working person who wants a easy to operate yet feature-full phone. For those looking for an alternative to Microsoft XL, this might be it.

Visit : HP Business’s Youtube Channel