Microsoft is probably redesigning the Share UI on Windows 10


As you might know, back in October Microsoft has held an event dedicated to new hardware and of course Windows 10. At this event the company introduced the Surface Studio, which is a beautifully designed All-In-One PC along with the Creators Update for Windows 10 which will bring all the new features Windows Insiders are currently testing to the consumer market.

There is one little thing which has been spotted at a presentation on the event in October which hasn’t even been released to Windows Insiders yet. While Microsoft has almost finished the overall design in Windows 10, File Explorer, Action Center, Taskbar and Start Menu, all are having one consistent design which goes through the whole operating system. However, the sharing menu still reminds one of Windows 8 and doesn’t look too good.

Therefor it seems like Microsoft is currently working on a new implementation of the sharing features. As you can see on the embed photo below which has been taken at the October Event from Microsoft, The sharing feature will probably receive an entire redesign as well as new abilities to share. it seems like it will be possible to share things then directly with your contacts as well as other apps and services.


Whether this is the final design which will be rolled out to Windows Insiders with a future build or not has not been confirmed yet. However, what has been confirmed, is that the share menu will definitely be redesigned and implemented in one of the future builds. Peter Skillman tweeted the following, as an answer to someone’s question about the sharing implementation in Windows 10:

So we are thrilled about the new UI for the sharing menu which will be introduced with new builds. Of course we will give you some insights on it as soon has it has been implemented. Meanwhile feel free to drop us a comment below with your thoughts on this and stay tuned for more Microsoft related news in the future.